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Election of officers

The nominating committee, Roger Peckinpaugh, Iris Bishop, and Flo Marcinko, recommend the following slate: President – Bill McCullam Vice-President – Jane McCullam Secretary – Mark Binnig Treasurer – Don Stimpert […]

Organize your memorial service

Enjoy the leftover Halloween candy and get busy. Or, better yet, pour a glass of wine, put out the chips, invite friends and/or family over and plan your Memorial Service. […]

Welcome to our family

We are pleased to announce that two funeral directors will be joining  us in offering services to our members.              Mr. Gary Best of Best Funeral Home in Middlefield, Ohio […]

El Dia de Muertos

Halloween, a contraction of All Hallows Eve, is on Friday this year. This holiday originated in Germany during the Middle Ages when boarding students at various universities took to the […]

Dividing cremation remains and scattering

Several years ago, Dear Abby published a letter from parents who said that their son was killed on a skiing trip. A friend asked for some of the son’s ashes […]

Cremation rates rise nationally

The rate of families choosing cremation continues to rise across the country, according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). CANA statistics on cremation are regarded as the most […]

Who are we?

The next time someone asks you what the Cleveland Memorial Society is, tell them the Cleveland Memorial Society is a non-sectarian, non-profit group of diverse people who unite in the […]

Volunteer Pallbearer Services

Four hundred sixty-eight students from St. Ignatius High School volunteer with the Pallbearer Program to provide service for those who have died indigent, alone, or with few remaining family or […]

Reporting the Death of a Federal Annuitant

The National Association of Retired Federal Employees reports that there are three ways to contact OPM (Office of Personnel Management) to report the death of a federal employee or annuitant […]

Memorial Options

How to memorialize the life of a loved one? The cemetery salespeople would like you to purchase a grave or a niche. What if that is not what your loved […]

Famous Last Words

Well, gentlemen, you are about to see a baked Appel. Who: George Appel, executed by electric chair in 1928 But how the devil do you think this could harm me? […]

Executors’ Deadlocks

hank my aunt for this tip. She has 12 children and has named one from each age group to be her Executors. What happens when there is a deadlock in […]

Price Survey Results

Periodically, The Society conducts a price survey of funeral directors in our service area. This information is available on our website, where a direct comparison can be made among several […]

Vanessa Niekamp will be our annual meeting speaker

Our guest speaker this year will be Vanessa Niekamp, Executive Director of the Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. She will give us an inside look at how her […]

Digital Assets

Although I have been practicing law for over a decade, my background is in the field of communications including an undergraduate degree in telecommunications. During my junior year at Bowling […]

New Website

If you haven’t visited our web site since February, we encourage you to take a look at  The web site name (URL) is the same, but the content is […]

Celebrations of Life

It seems there are two types of death – sudden or slow.  We Memorial Society members should have filled out our paperwork, discussed our wishes with our loved ones and […]

Medical Devices

Regulations in the US prohibit the recycling of implanted medical devices after their owners die, but Frank Swain on the BBC reports that there’s “a growing trend to recover them […]

Green Burial

Those of you who attended our 2012 Annual Meeting will remember that one of our featured speakers was Sara Starr of the Foxfield Preserve in Wilmot, Ohio. At that time, […]

Letter from the President

By this time I hope all of you will have had a chance to visit our new website. If you do not have computer access, please do go to your […]

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