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Have you visited our price survey? It’s at You can compare “apples to apples” prices for any of about 100 funeral homes in the Northeast Ohio area. As a Memorial Society member, why should you care about this? You’ve already selected a funeral home and will get a rock-bottom price for a simple cremation or burial. But some of your friends may not want the same thing you do. Refer them to our website so they can comparison shop – prices for the same services can vary widely from one home to another. Our mission is not just to negotiate low prices for our members, but also to educate everyone regarding the funeral industry.

You may notice that some of our prices are out of date. Also, there are over 200 funeral homes in our area that aren’t included in the survey at all. Would you like to help our Board to collect more data? If so, please email me at Include your zip code and I’ll try to give you ones somewhere nearby if I can. I’ll send you name, address, web address, and phone number for 3 or 4 funeral homes where we could use updated information. You can call, email, or visit them and ask for a General Price List (GPL). They’re required by Federal law to give you their price list, with no questions asked, if you actually go to their place of business. Once you get the GPL, you can mail or fax it to the CMS office, or email it to me. Any questions or concerns, just let me know!

Thanks! Don Stimpert, CMS Board member

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