Cremation rates rise nationally

The rate of families choosing cremation continues to rise across the country, according to the Cremation Association of North America (CANA). CANA statistics on cremation are regarded as the most reliable and current available today.  CANA reported a cremation rate of just 3.9% back in 1965. It has risen steadily since then – to 43.2% in 2012. CANA projects that the rate will be 48.8% in 2017 and that it will probably top 70% by 2025.

Not everybody is on board. The cremation rates in Mississippi, Alabama, Kentucky and West Virginia range from 15.7% to 25.2%

National leaders in cremation rates include Nevada (73.7%), Washington, Oregon and Hawaii (all in the 70%s). Over the 60% mark were Montana, Maine, New Hampshire, Colorado, Alaska, and Arizona.

Ohio is at about 40% statewide.

Your Memorial Society was established in 1948 on the then-radical notion that there should be choices in funeral arrangements, and that those choices should include cremation. It’s taken the rest of the country over 65 years to catch up with this thinking!

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