Death Notices In The Plain Dealer

I am a regular obit  (a free news story) and death notice (a paid notice usually submitted by the family and/or funeral director) reader. Most Notices are cut-and-dried – surviving spouse, children, funeral service time and place.

Occasionally, some lovely thoughts and sentiments are expressed. One woman “died from life, as we all do.”  Her family also said, “She will be remembered as a nurse of great compassion toward her patients, a wife of unstinting selflessness, a mother of firm convictions, a grandmother endlessly fascinated by this youngest generation.  She did well at this life, and could leave without regret – as we all wish.”

Another family observed, “Unfortunately, life for her became a series of progressive losses of health, function, and finally pleasure as well.  Yet, despite all, she never complained about what her ill health had dealt her.  Death sometimes is a blessing, but that little assuages the pain of her family’s loss.”

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