Dividing cremation remains and scattering

Several years ago, Dear Abby published a letter from parents who said that their son was killed on a skiing trip. A friend asked for some of the son’s ashes to scatter at their favorite ski run. The family got to thinking and decided to divide the remains into small vials. After the memorial service, mourners were invited to take a vial and spread the remains at a special place they shared with the deceased, and let the grieving parents know what they did. As a result, her son’s remains are spread from Canada to New Mexico, Ohio to Scotland. The letters the parents received from family and friends would be, as Abby said, “ . . . more meaningful than an epitaph carved in granite would have been.”

I did this with my spouse and have beautiful memories of each place and each occasion I scattered. My brother-in-law recently died suddenly and my sister decided to do as I had done. She gave some of the remains to each of her sons so they could leave their father at the places they had enjoyed together.

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