Executors’ Deadlocks

hank my aunt for this tip. She has 12 children and has named one from each age group to be her Executors. What happens when there is a deadlock in voting on what should be done – should we accept this price for the family home, should one of the children be allowed to buy it, can Joe have the car in lieu of his share of the estate, who gets this piece of jewelry, how do we value all this stuff, etc? What if one or more of the Executors thinks that the others are being unfair or unreasonable?

The DEADLOCK BREAKER and GENERAL OVERSEER is someone my aunt named who is outside the family to break any deadlocks and resolve any complaints among the Executors. Good thinking, Auntie! In her case, she named her priest because he knows her and the family, and is even-tempered. And she put his name into her Will. If you don’t want to redraft your Will, send a letter to your lawyer naming a Deadlock Breaker and General Overseer. Your lawyer will not want to be that person because it could create a conflict of interest.

Sometimes, naming just one child as Executor is best as long as you discuss your decision beforehand and explain your decision to all the children so there are no hurt feelings. If you decide to have CoExecutors, consider this hint from my aunt.

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