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The Funeral Consumers Alliance is our umbrella organization, that is, all of the Memorial Societies are members of and support its mission. FCA does what no one Memorial Society can do: it does national advocacy and has national presence.  Founded in 1963, FCA was a major force behind passage of the Federal Trade Commission’s “Funeral Rule,” a law that protects consumers buying funerals. The Director, Josh Slocum, spoke at our annual meeting a few years ago. He has testified before Congress about the FTC’s Funeral Rule and how to strengthen it by extending it to cover cemeteries. Journalists from national publications often consult him when they need funeral information they can trust before writing an article about the funeral business. Josh and two secretaries, one of whom is part-time, staff the FCA office.

This is a non-profit organization which needs your support.  It receives no money from the funeral industry or any government.  It survives on gifts from its members such as the Cleveland Memorial Society, and from private donations.

Please visit the website at see the wide spectrum of information, links and advice that is offered. The funeral business spends millions of dollars every year in lobbying and advertising. FCA is the only voice able to speak the not-for-profit truth. Please consider making a gift, one-time or monthly via credit card, to this splendid group of dedicated folks.

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