Funerals in The News

Funeral planning has been on the Big Stage lately.  The November and December issues of Money Magazine have a series of articles called “The High Cost of Saying Goodbye.” The November issue focused on the funeral industry. The article’s subparts are called “Prices Are a Moving Target,” “The Casket Will Do You In,” “At The Cemetery Nobody Has Your Back,” and “Paying In Advance Can Be Costly.” You can get the magazine at your local library or go to on your computer.

An expose of the funeral industry aired on television on CNBC on January 31, 2013.  It covered many topics and was factual, not sensational.  If you missed it, go to At that page, go to the bottom of the page, at the right, under the heading CNBC TV and find CNBC US. Click. In the left column, go to “Death: It’s A Living.” This should allow you to view the entire program on your computer. It is WELL WORTH your time. There are also interesting articles on Celebrity Gravesites, funerals, and celebrations of life.

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