Letter from the President

William McCullamBy this time I hope all of you will have had a chance to visit our new website. If you do not have computer access, please do go to your local public library and view it on one of their machines. It is a wonderful memorial for our outgoing President, whose enthusiasm and energy provided the spark to help us change with the times. Thanks Linda.

We also want to thank Marge Wilson for her years of service on the board. Patrick McCabe had a late vocation call that led him to join a religious order of monks serving the poor and sick, and has also resigned. We will miss them both. Thank you both for all your energy, time, and ideas.

On a cheerful note, our board has welcomed, Ms. Wanda Sims of Cleveland, who joins us bringing her organizational skills to help us get our act together.

And speaking of acting, we would like to hear from any members who have a dramaturigical urge to go on-stage for the Memorial Society; please call Christine.

On April 11, the Cleveland Cinematheque at the CIA showed a series of mini-documentaries by a native son, Scott Plate, called, The Amerikans. Episode #12 is available on Vimeo and can be viewed at http://theamerikans.org/Walter. It tells the story of Walter A Frey, a funeral director in Lorain, Ohio, who has a unique take on death. We recommend the video to our members. 

The New Yorker for April 7, 2014, has a thought provoking piece on the Death Certificate, “Final Forms”, pg. 32, by Kathryn Schulz, which many of our members will enjoy. It is startling to see what a vast macabre bureaucracy has developed to answer the question of why we die. The author traces its evolution from 1512 to the present.

William McCullam 

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