Message from the President

Add to Ben Franklin’s maxim, “ . . . nothing is certain but death and taxes,” the wisdom of the Greek thinker Heraclitis who said, “There is nothing permanent except change.” Change is coming to the Memorial Society.

The Board of Trustees determined that the Memorial Society is not visible enough in the Cleveland community. When you mention the Memorial Society to someone, do they say, “What’s that?” That shouldn’t happen. We should be the FIRST organization a reporter calls when an issue regarding death or the funeral industry arises. But we’re not.

We must move forward into the 21st century with speed and vision, and with a plan. We have hired a management consultant to assist us in a variety of ways. She will help us frame and focus our mission and purpose, identify our weaknesses, review our literature, update our website, evaluate and streamline our office practices, and formulate a plan to enable us to be more visible in our community.

WHEW!! It’s a lot, but isn’t it the best gift we can give ourselves for our 65th birthday this year? At this age, we need a re-vamp, an organizational face-lift. We’re excited to be working with Janus Small and Associates. The Memorial Society has traditionally been rather staid. We are now planning to move into the digital age and into the forefront of the Cleveland community.

Board of Trustees
Did/do you have a job in advertising, communications, publicity or the like? PLEASE call us. We desperately need your expertise!!! At our fall Annual Meeting election, there will be open trustee seats available and we want to fill the Board with people who have the strengths and experience our current members lack. It is not a big commitment of time and could do your Memorial Society a LOT of good.

Bob Poe is stepping down as treasurer and Don Stimpert has been appointed to take his place. Don’s name is familiar to all of us. He was the treasurer for many years and his wife, Jackie, is a trustee and was our executive secretary until last year.

I will be stepping down as president this Fall. It’s time for a change, for someone who will lead and energize our organization. I plan to leave the Cleveland area in 2015, so it’s a perfect time to find a new president. I hope to remain as a trustee.

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