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Pricing Funeral Services

Costs are a significant factor in the decisions made about funeral services. The Cleveland Memorial Society understands the importance of funeral service pricing and encourages you to include pricing research in your decision-making process.

Our Price Comparison Tool.

CMS offers a comparison tool which allows you to compare recent cremation and burial prices at several northeast Ohio funeral directors. This is not an exhaustive list, but gives you some idea that prices do vary from one director to another.  Please be aware that by law, a director must give you their full price list if you ask for it.  You don’t have to sit through a sales pitch, you can take price lists home to study in private.

Through CMS, our funeral directors have set the following prices:

  • Simple cremation is $755
  • Simple burial is $895

The funeral director may charge an additional $100.00 for each 100 pounds, or portion thereof, for cremation or burial of bodies in excess of 250 pounds.

Rates are negotiated periodically and members will pay the current rate to the funeral director at the time of death.

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No pre-payment needed

At the time of your death, your family will pay for the service you selected. The prices available through our contracted funeral directors are typically lower than the fees you could negotiate on your own. The contracts and fees are negotiated every few years, and your family will pay the price that is current at the time of prices for a simple cremation or burial.

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