The Process

It’s never too soon
to make your plan

The brief time it takes now for thoughtful planning and making a record of your wishes will become a lasting gift of your love to your family and survivors.

Your Planning Starts Today.

Without instructions, family members may struggle to make your funeral arrangements. Grief and emotional stress make decisions more difficult — and differing views may create conflict. While loved ones may have good intentions, their choices may result in elaborate and costly funeral services — services you never envisioned — which can cause financial hardship to your survivors.

Since 1948, the Cleveland Memorial Society has contracted with selected funeral directors to provide these simple services for a low fixed price.

Simple Cremation

The funeral director of the establishment you select will transport the body of the deceased without embalming to a crematory to be cremated.

Simple Burial

The funeral establishment you choose will place the body of the deceased without embalming into a modest coffin and a private burial will be held before a memorial service (if any).

Simple Planning

Select one of our contracted funeral director and a simple service. Talk with your friends and family. Your loved ones will appreciate knowing your wishes.

The planning process is easy:

  • Select a funeral director and simple service through the Cleveland Memorial Society’s planning arrangement.
  • Talk with your family and/or friends about your plans for a simple service. Once you’ve had the discussion, you’ll see that your loved ones will appreciate knowing your wishes.
  • Put your last wishes in writing. Include information about:
    • Where or whether a memorial service should be held.
    • Where you’d like to be buried, or, if you choose cremation, where you’d like your remains scattered or buried.
    • The name, address and phone number of the funeral director you’ve selected.
    • Financial arrangements you’ve made to cover the costs of the services.
    • Other details, including lists of friends and family members to notify of your death, obituary information, preferred charities for memorial donations, music to be played at your memorial service, etc.

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