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“Even more important … was that I didn’t have to plan anything because everything was there. What church, what minister, what reading. To go into a funeral and be sold a funeral package would have been the most stressful thing.” – C.K. Jones

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The Cleveland Memorial Society has nearly 6,000 members and is one of the largest memorial societies in the United States. Founded in 1948, CMS is a non-profit, non-sectarian organization.

Our work is conducted under the supervision of a board of trustees who serve a three-year term. Officers and board members are elected by the membership at our annual meeting during the fall. The officers and trustees serve without salaries.

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Our Mission

To promote, through education and other means, dignity and simplicity in funeral arrangements

To plan for its members and their families either Simple Cremation or Simple Burial

To aid in the bequest of body or anatomical gifts (cornea, kidney, temporal bones) to medical science

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